Marriage proposal accidentally caught on camera

Photographer was taking pictures of St. Augstine's Nights of Lights

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – An amateur photographer was out taking pictures of St. Augustine's Nights of Lights event, when he later enhanced one of his photos to find he captured a couple's marriage proposal entirely on accident.

John Martin sent Channel 4 the photographs he took of their proposal, saying he wanted to locate the newly engaged couple. As luck would have it, one of the bride-to-be's family members spotted the picture on our Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Sara Carver and Jason Schaich, the future bride and groom, were bummed because they didn't have any pictures of their engagement and even talked about re-enacting it with a photographer.

"It's something I never though I'd have, and now it's like the most amazing Christmas present I've ever had," said Carver. 

On Christmas night, one of the family members saw their story posted on News4Jax.com and told the two to log on. 

"We were just like, 'is that really us,'" said Schaich. "And then we just had like a tingling sensation go over you, and then we were just like, 'wow that's just amazing.'"

Schaich and Carver recently met at church and really hit it off during a Sunday school function when they were tubing behind a boat and wiped out. 

"We were just out in the middle of the water waiting for the boat to come back and get us," said Carver. "I was just like, 'hey, I'd really like to know you, can I have your number?'"

Carver said she wants to be in her boots when she gets married, and they are planning a country-style wedding at the Hilliard Mansion in May. 

"We feel like God's truly put us together," said Carver. 

"We know it's early but once you know, you know," said Schaich. "It's an amazing feeling, and we just have such a peace about it - it's awesome."

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