Missing boaters found in wildlife refuge

Overturned airboat found in remote area


PARKLAND, Fla. – Two boaters who were lost in a wildlife refuge after their airboat overturned near the Broward and Palm Beach County line Friday were found and brought to safety after an intensive search.

An man and his nephew were out fishing when sudden rough weather overturned their boat.

"It was a freak accident," Gary Kendricks said. "We don't drink. We don't do dope. Just all of a sudden a wind-like little tornado just flipped me over."

"My main concern was for my uncle," said Chris Mall. "My phone actually worked for a minute or two. The first person I called was my dad and let him know we were OK and let him know to go ahead and send help."

The pair said they were a little afraid that an alligator would get them, but despite their ordeal, they were in very good spirits.