Shoppers hit after Christmas sales, make returns

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The last big shopping rush of the year is underway, after Christmas sales started first thing Thursday morning in stores across Jacksonville.

According to Shopper Track, weekly store retail sales declined the last week leading up to Christmas, which usually means as retailers clear their shops, the deals after Christmas will be better than ever.

Jenny Sue and TJ Barrell told Channel 4 Thursday that the after Christmas sale at Sears is the gift that keeps on giving, the pair just closed on a new home last week and now they're outfitting their home with new appliances.

"You can't beat 40 percent off," said Jenny Sue Barrell. "Our price tag pretty much went from about $5500 to $3300, so pretty big difference."

Joanne Petry enjoyed the post-holiday sales Thursday too, she's been looking for low prices on a new stove.

"If you're retired and you're getting down there and only on social security or whatever it helps," said Joanne Petry.

Analysts are reporting that many stores are making up for slow holiday sales with big post-Christmas discounts. Target is offering up to 50 percent off toys and up to 40 percent off apparel. At Best Buy, shoppers can get up to 50 percent off clearance and open box items.

"The after Christmas sales people will come in they get gift cards they get returns exchangers we want to add on sale anything we can its a big deal for us," said JC Penny store leader, Brad Bikus.

After pre-Christmas shopping the sale signs are a welcome sight for many customers.

"Having already kind of spent it pre-Christmas during all of that it's kind of nice to find those discounts afterwards that aren't as heavy hitter on the wallet," said Michael Williams.

Aside from hitting all the big sales, shopper are also making big returns. James Adegoke, was back at Best Buy Thursday to change out the gift he had bought for his daughter.

"This time around she say, Dad, I don't want a whole lot of things, I just want Just Dance 2014 Xbox and I got the wrong stuff," said James Adegoke.

Adegoke was just one of many who made their way back to the store to return or exchange holiday gifts.

Every store has its own policy on gift exchanges; many say they will even work with customers who don't have a receipt for the gift they want returned.

"If you do not have a receipt and bring it into the store that is something we will look at for you and if we can take care of you we will give you a store credit for the product you have to go ahead and purchase something else that you might need," said Sales Manager, Drew Christopher

Each stores return policy is different so make sure you check and read the fine print.

"Do it early as quick as you can it just depends on what you want a lot of times after Christmas selection is kind of picked over so the sooner the better," said Brad Bikus.