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Civil lawsuits against Michael Dunn settled

Attorney for Jordan Davis' parents confirms settlement

Jordan Davis and Michael Dunn

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The attorney for the parents of 17-year old Jordan Davis confirmed to Channel 4 that all civil suits against Michael Dunn have been resolved.

In a text, John Phillips wrote: "We made an offer to settle both cases against Michael Dunn - 1) the estate of Jordan Davis' case and 2) the case of two boys we represent.  They accepted the offer in full.  We cannot disclose the offer at this time, but it resolved all civil suits in principle." 

Jordan Davis' parents filed a civil suit against Dunn in January of 2013.  In the lawsuit they claimed Dunn and his lawyers made several defamatory claims, including claims of Davis and his friends having a gun belonging to a gang or destroying any physical evidence that proves Dunn's innocence.  Davis' family said they wanted to restore their son's reputation.

Dunn's criminal trial is scheduled to start on February 3.  We'll continue to follow this story and bring you much more throughout the weekend.