Michael Dunn's attorney pushing for more time

Attorney tells judge he's overwhelmed by media requests for information on trial

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Tuesday, people will likely learn whether the trial for the man charged with murdering a 17-year-old because of an argument about loud music will begin in the next couple of weeks.

Michael Dunn's attorney is pushing for more time before the case goes to trial. He tells Judge Russell Healey he's overwhelmed by the media requests for information on the trial.

Despite that, local attorney Gene Nichols doesn't expect the judge to view that as a reason to push this back.

"This case has been ready for trial for months. Not only is the defendant and lawyer ready, but the nation is ready," said Nichols. "The sheriff's office has been putting out notices on where to park. They're putting out tents in the courtyard. The nation is going to be there to cover this trial."

Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis

Nichols said this will be the first major test for the relatively new courthouse, handling a major trial with a national focus. That focus will be on Michael Dunn, who's charged with murder for allegedly gunning down a teenager at a Southside gas station after an argument about loud music.

Prosecutors do not want a delay. A statement released last week read, "The State Attorney's Office will not try this case in the media and will comment further in the appropriate venue -- the courtroom."

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"Unless the defendant's trial rights are being jeopardized by having the trial in the next couple of weeks, Judge Healey is not going to delay," said Nichols. "Unless there's a death in someone's immediate family, Judge Healey is not going to continue this trial."

Unless the judge calls for a delay, the trial will begin with jury selection on Feb. 3.

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