Winter storms ground many JIA flights

Midwest and Northeastern areas hit by snow storms, affecting air travel across nation


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Temperatures are dropping as a batch of cold air moves from the Tennessee Valley and lower Midwest over to the East Coast.

There will be 3 - 9 inches of new snow to go along with that from the Virginias to Massachusetts, the National Weather Service said. Much of it is expected to fall during daylight hours on Tuesday. Add to that areas that are frigid already, and about half to the nation -- the eastern half -- will shiver through temperatures 10-25 degrees below average.

A small but intense snow storm is dumping up to 10 inches of snow in metropolitan Chicago as moisture over Lake Michigan mixes with frigid air.

Though the storm covers some areas in the Midwest and northeast coast, it's affecting air travel at Jacksonville International Airport.

As of 3:30am Tuesday, there are more than 10 flight cancellations at JIA, due to the winter storm:

9 Departures
1 - Detroit
1 - Boston
1 - Baltimore
1 - New York (JFK)
1 - Newark
2 - Washington
1 - New York (LaGuardia)
1 - Philadelphia

4 Arrivals
1 - Washington
1 - Philadelphia
1 - New York (LaGuardia)
1 - Baltimore


But much more frightful aviation nightmares appear to be taking hold in the Northeast. From New York City to Washington, major airports had canceled a quarter to a third of scheduled flights by early Tuesday.

At Philadelphia's airport, Southwest Airlines plans to suspend operations at 3:00 p.m., when the flakes are expected to be falling at full tilt.

Even Boston's Logan airport had reduced air traffic by at least 20% early Tuesday, according to flightaware.com.

The cancellations at snow-doused airports may cause ripple effects throughout the nation's air traffic system.

About 1,700 flights had been canceled nationwide as of early Tuesday, flightaware reported.