Woman's home destroyed after SWAT standoff

Police say her son got into a shootout with SWAT team

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A woman on the Westside is left with shattered windows, tattered carpets and bullet-sprayed walls weeks after her son triggered a SWAT standoff.

Carol Davis, the homeowner, was not at the house during the SWAT call-out. But it's what her home is left with after her son Gary Schiwart, 45, got into a shootout with the SWAT team earlier in January. 

Davis' windows and doors are boarded up from where they were shot out. She said there's still residue from tear gas inside the home. She said she's moved many of her belongings into a storage unit to be cleaned. 

Davis says her home's condition makes staying there impossible.


"I don't have any family. The only family I have is my son," said Davis. "I'm having to stay with one friend to another's house. I have two dogs, who at the present time, they are in a kennel. I can't afford to keep them anymore."

Davis said she doesn't have insurance, and it's hard for her to get around the home because of a broken leg. She said she can't afford repairs for the house, and has reached out to the city for help, but hasn't received any.

"Nobody will help me. They say I don't meet their criteria, so I've not been able to get any help at all," said Davis.

Gregory DiFranza, a retired officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, said when a home is damaged in a situation like this, there's nothing law enforcement can do. 

"It's the suspect that drives these events. Even though they like to think they're in charge, we have to take control," said DiFranza. "They're the ones that make it worse. They're the ones that make it longer. They're the ones that make it more deadly."

Currently, Davis is unsure where she will end up or how her home will be repaired. Schiwart is being charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault.

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