Jacksonville drama group stuck in NYC

Cold weather, snow cancels flights back to Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A winter storm that is pummeling the northeast is keeping a local group of theater students from Providence School, who are visiting New York City, from getting back to Jacksonville.

The storm is causing widespread travel troubles, including canceling more than 300 flights going to and coming from the Northeast.

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One of those flights was scheduled to bring a group of theater students back to Jacksonville from New York; seventeen students along with their teacher, Jennifer Hudson, are stranded in New York City.

"Wow, what am I going to do now with 17 teenagers?" Providence School Drama Director Jennifer Hudson said with a laugh.

Channel 4 checked in with the music group Tuesday and caught them singing their way to warmth in NYC.

"It's in the teens, but if feels like one as in like 1 degree. The wind is just whipping, very heavy snow fall," said Hudson.

The group of 17 students has spent the last four days in the Big Apple attending the Broadway Students Summit, which offers eight workshops to help aspiring actors hone their craft. The trip was in preparation for their premiere performance of "The Phantom of the Opera."

"We got a call from Delta, we're going to fly out tomorrow," said Hudson. "They booked us on a three o'clock flight, so we really hope we can get back tomorrow before any more bad weather hits."

Until then, the group said they are enjoying the snow.

"We went to Central Park and played in the snow and some of the kids actually never seen snow, so they didn't even know what to do with it," said Hudson. "You know they were rolling in it and pelting each other with snowballs, and they built a snowman and just some really cute stuff."

Temperatures are expected to dip even lower overnight in New York, so the group told Channel 4 they plan on picking up a few layers to make it through the rest of their cold weather traveling.

"We all look 50 pounds heavier than we actually are because yeah, we're wearing everything we have in our suitcase," said Hudson. "I think we're looking forward to getting back to Florida so we can actually, you know, look like ourselves again."