Crews battle fires in Nassau County

Firefighters put out semi-tractor, structure on fire

Photos courtesy of Nassau County Professional Firefighters, Local 3101.

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – Firefighters were called this week in Nassau County to a semi-tractor on fire and a structure fire in the Spanish Oaks subdivision.

On Monday, Nassau County Professional Firefighters L3101 responded to the semi-tractor fire that was unoccupied and had been on the roadside for some time, according to a Nassau County sheriff's deputy.

Crews arrived at the scene to put out the fire and officials said 3,000 gallons of water was used to fully extinguish the fire.

After 3:30 a.m. Friday, a fire broke out at a structure on Springwood Lane in the Spanish Oaks subdivision.

Over 15,000 gallons of water and 60 gallons of foam were used to contain, control and extinguish the structure fire.

"All members of Nassau County Fire Rescue L3101 strive to provide the best service with the resources available and the safety of everyone in mind," said Curtis Bollinger, L3101 president.