Church's campaign to clean up Jacksonville

Organization's goals spreading across the globe

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – People from all across Florida came together in Jacksonville on Sunday to take part in a worldwide cleaning campaign. 

The group says they do it to help spruce up the city and the St. Johns River, but they say they're also answering a call to serve.

The members of the group are part of the World Mission Society Church of God. Each piece of trash picked up is part of their church's worldwide cleaning campaign.

"It's amazing because you get caught up with the beautiful surroundings, and you forget to look down and see all the little things (trash)," said Jeannette Spitler, a parent and member of the campaign. 

Spitler participates in the organization with her husband and kids. The family and about 50 other volunteers lined Heritage River Road, picking up garbage along the St. Johns and land nearby.

The group says it's not just going on here in Jacksonville, but that many other communities in more than 170 countries worldwide are participating as well. 

Many, like David Robledo, traveled across Florida to attend the Jacksonville event. Robledo believes cleaning the St. Johns River is a great start.

"Wherever there is help needed, that's where I should go. So just because it is two hours away doesn't make any difference this is where people really need help," said Robledo. "This is where the environment really needs help."