Demonstrators seek 'Justice for Jordan'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Some people feel so strongly about the Michael Dunn trial that they decided to take their message to the Duval County Courthouse steps Wednesday.

Their message: "Justice for Jordan Davis."

With the nation's attention on this trial and on Jacksonville, they believed they had to come out to get that message across, signs in hand and their voices raised.

"We have to be out here to let the justice know, let the world know we care deeply about justice and we're going to fight for that justice every step of the way," demonstrator Opio Sokoni said.

The group lined the sidewalk leading to the courthouse, where a jury will decide Dunn's fate.

"It's been very encouraging as people have been walking by," Sokoni said. "As well, what we've seen is a number of people have been following the trial and anybody who has been following the trial, a decent person understands that this man should go to jail."

Biko Misabiko said getting support from others motivates him to keep pushing. He also hopes it will also encourage others to take a stand.

"This is very important because we see a lot of these things going on in our community and no one is speaking about it, you know?" Misabiko said. "I just want to be supportive to this kind of things, you know, that's going on in our community. It's time for us to be awakened."

The demonstrators say they do believe that Dunn will receive a prison sentence. They believe that is justice.

No one outside the courthouse was demonstrating on Dunn's behalf.

If Dunn does does not receive prison time, the demonstrators, without going into detail, said this case was about civil unrest if they don't see justice.