Police: 'Pothead' robs 7-Eleven with chainsaw

Aussie teen wore flower pot on head to conceal identity, police


Talk about a true pothead.

An Australian teen has been charged with robbing a 7-Eleven gas station with a chainsaw while wearing a flower pot on his head.

Steven Frank Steele of Ipswich, Queensland, was arrested Monday after police responded to calls from terrified gas station employees.

Wearing the flower pot in an attempt to conceal his identity, Steele lunged at employees with the chainsaw and damaged a window and several display racks, police told the Queensland Times.

He also flashed his buttocks and stole a soda before leaving, according to police.

Authorities arrested him a short time later walking down the street.

Police said Steele was drunk at the time.

He has been charged with multiple crimes, including one count of armed robbery, two counts of willful damage and one count of public nuisance.