Experts weigh in on possible Michael Dunn trial outcome

Jury gets closer to reaching verdict in Dunn trial

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As the jury gets closer to reaching a verdict in the Michael Dunn trial, Channel 4 looked into all the possible judgments against Dunn and what the jury may decide.

If Dunn is convicted of murder, experts say to expect an appeal. If Dunn isn't found guilty, Channel 4's legal analysts said you can expect a difficult life as a free man for Michael Dunn.

"It is rarely successful, but defense attorney (Cory) Strolla filed plenty of motions and they've had different motion hearings. This has been a long trial so there is the potential that the first DCA may say there is something wrong that you all are going to have to correct," said Jacksonville attorney Rhonda Peoples-Waters.

Dunn is also facing multiple lesser charges that could send him to prison for decades without a chance of parole. There's also the possibility the jury simply can't agree. Local attorney Randy Reep told Channel 4 about what a hung jury could mean.

"If it's hung, we'll be doing this again in about six to eight months. He could argue for a new bond. I think you'd see the status quo 10 days ago, just like when the trial started," said Reep.

There's the issue of what happens to Dunn if he's found not guilty and released as a free man.

"I think that Michael Dunn could move to Montana and no one would know who Michael Dunn is, but his world as he knows it will forever be changed by what occurred," said Reep.

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