Jordan Davis' parents speak about potential verdict

Davis, McBath speak about reaction to verdict

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jordan Davis' parents, Ron Davis and Lucia McBath, spoke to Channel 4 on their way out of court Thursday night.

Davis' parents have sat in Michael Dunn's trial every day, hearing how their son was shot and the details of his last breaths.

"It's been very, very hard all this time to be patient this past year and to be patient as the hours and the minutes go by, but we're convinced that there will be a good, just verdict, and we patiently wait for that, and we're always hopeful," said McBath, Davis' mother.

Davis' parents spoke with the dozens of members of the media who met them on the courthouse steps Thursday night. McBath and Ron Davis were asked about what they hope the reaction of the public will be at the verdict.

"If we're all going to live in the same community, it is to be respectful of the jury process. You know, they're working hard to make a just decision and no matter what some family's going to smile and some family's going to cry, you know, and I know personally," said Ron Davis. "I'm going to be respectful of that because if we get the verdict we want, his family is not going to smile. They're going to have tears in their eyes so I'm going to be very respectful of that."

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Both said they're encouraged by the time the jury is taking to reach a verdict because it's not just all of Jacksonville that is watching.

"I think it's a good thing because they're being thorough and that's all you want. You want a fair and just decision and I think they're taking great care of being thorough because the spotlight is on Jacksonville all over the world," said Ron Davis.

"I think that he would just be proud that we're fighting not just for him, but we're really standing and fighting for, you know, the nation, for all the people who have died, you know, due to the gun laws and everything. I think he would be proud that we're standing as a family," said McBath.

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