Local artist creates shirts for Davis' foundation

Proceeds from T-shirts go to Jordan Davis Foundation


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Demonstrators have lined the walkway to the courthouse throughout the Michael Dunn trial. In addition to hand-made signs, there are some professionally produced T-shirts with Jordan Davis' face on them.

A local businessman told Channel 4 that the shirts were designed to support a family he believes in, no matter what the verdict turns out to be, and to support the nonprofit founded in Jordan Davis' name.

"Fifty percent of proceeds go directly to the Jordan Davis Foundation," said Rashawn Miller.

Miller owns Acropolis Clothing Company and designed the shirts for Ron Davis after the two were connected by a mutual friend.

"I tried to do something when Trayvon Martin came about, didn't have any takers, people thought it was a scam like I was trying to make money off a tragedy," said Miller.

Miller told Channel 4 that Ron Davis told him he wanted 50 percent of proceeds going to the foundation in Davis' name.

"With this, I was very enthusiastic about getting with the family, helping them, trying to get their cause out there to be seen by everybody," said Miller.

The shirt has seen very few sales so far, but Miller believes he's making a difference. He also believes in the court system and trusts that the jury will make the right decision.

"I want the Davis family to get justice for the loss of their son. To me, watching, it didn't justify use of force, but I wasn't in the courtroom, that's not for me to decide," said Miller.

Any inquiries about these shirts can be emailed to acropolisclothing@yahoo.com.

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