Dunn letter jury asked about released

Davis' parents ready for possible retrial; Dunn's daughter speaks on network TV

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The state attorney's office on Monday released a letter Michael Dunn dictated to his brother from jail that was sent to family members.

The letter, dubbed the "Black Friday letter," was entered into evidence during Dunn's trial, and the jury asked a question during deliberations about when the letter was written.

The judge answered their question, telling them it was dictated in June.

DOCUMENT: Letter dictated by Michael Dunn in June
(Warning: Contains graphic language)

In the letter, Dunn said he asked that the teens in the SUV he shot into turn the music down. He said it was turned off, and then he explained what happened as he was saying thanks.

"I glanced back and saw the rear windows were down and the back seat was occupied by two very menacing looking black men," Dunn said. "They were literally scowling at me and both had angry expressions."

"They look to be in the early 20's and mean," Dunn said. "I'm middle aged overweight and have a bad back! I mention this, as a confrontation is the last thing I was looking for."

Dunn said he was "sitting in my car, eyes front, windows up." Then he said, "I catch snips of his racial-laced diatribe, Then I hear, I should KILL that mother-(expletive)!"

Dunn said he asked, "Excuse me- are you talking about me?"