Judge orders homeowner to mow lawn

Neighbors say lawsuit lasted 3 years

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After residents fought their neighbor for three years to get her to mow her lawn, a judge has finally ruled her grass must be cut down.

Neighbors said the grass grew well over 6 feet tall at Silverthorn Lane in the Walden Chase community. As of Wednesday night after the ruling, the residents are celebrating.

One of those neighbors, Carole Cooper, is ecstatic as the weeds and overgrown grass finally get cut at their neighbor Susan Trebbien's home.

"Are we happy? We're having a party!" Cooper said.

The actual height of the grass grew almost 10 feet tall.

Cooper said it began three years ago when the homeowners association (HOA) got on to Trebbien about the condition of her yard.

"I think she got mad because they told her she had a few weeds in her yard at one time," said Cooper. "I think she just got mad and didn't want to cut her yard."

The HOA at Walden Chase spent hundreds in court costs hoping a judge would force Trebbien to mow her yard. It turned out to be a long fight.

"So she has been appealing and appealing and appealing and appealing," said Cooper. "And we finally got through that and we won the judgment."

The HOA won the lawsuit against Trebbien. The judge made the ruling, saying the yard had been neglected for far too long.

"Hopefully they're going to make her maintain it," said Dana Clarke, another resident.

Neighbors said Trebbien still lives in the home, but neighbors said they don't see her often. Channel 4 was not able to reach her for comment.

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