JetBlue passenger charged after flight diverted

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A JetBlue passenger is now facing federal charges on accusations of making threats to the point that the flight had to be diverted to Jacksonville last week.

JetBlue flight 1969 took off from Boston around 6:30 p.m. Thursday, headed to Fort Lauderdale.

But around 9 p.m., the pilot declared an in-flight emergency and headed for Jacksonville because of an unruly passenger.

Federal investigators said Orion Koshinsky became disruptive after having three alcoholic drinks during the flight.

They said at one point, he told a flight attendant, "Don't touch me. I'll kill you."

The flight attendant told the captain, and the captain determined the passenger was a threat.

Federal investigators said that earlier in the flight, Koshinsky stood up and told everyone on the plane he was in the military and they could buy him drinks. Investigators said some passengers did buy him drinks.

Koshinsky is charged with assaulting or intimidating a member of a flight crew.