Sheriff attends crime meeting on Westside

Family, friends of victims of unsolved crimes gather at crime meeting

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A community gathered Monday night on the Westside over concerns about crime in their neighborhood. They addressed those issues to the sheriff.

Among those gathered were the family and friends of victims of unsolved crimes.

Last November, four young people were shot and killed inside a home in Murray Hill.  Family members of those killed simply want to know what is the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office doing to solve the case.

Police said sisters Keyonna and Keyshell Brown, along with their friends Derek Williams and Gontrell Hagans, were killed in the Randolph Street home. The family members of Hagan's and the Brown sisters said they're frustrated that detectives are not updating them with specifics on the investigation.

"We want them to tell us what is going on with this case, because right now we have no clue. Every time I call, they tell me it's an ongoing case-ongoing where? We are not getting anywhere with it. They are not telling us anything," said James Brown.

"It's devastating to his family, to his mother, to his children, and we need to know what are they doing? As far as evidence, did they fingerprint, did they dust anything? Did they question enough people?" asked Dominique Williams.

Sheriff John Rutherford responded to their concerns Monday night.

"We understand how the families feel, but we are still not going to tip our hand on where we are in the investigation," said Rutherford. "I can tell you this though: this is not a cold case. So they should know from that there are leads that we are following. We have leads that we are developing."

Families are glad the sheriff held the meeting and were pleased with his responses.