Appeals court overturnes school bullying ban

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The First District Court of Appeals on Wednesday overturned an injunction a Jacksonville middle school student had against a fellow 13-year-old.

The court said the protective injunction, which Aria Jewett had requested against Paris Cannon as unconstitutional because there was only one act of violence. State law requires two acts for an injunction to be granted.

The ruling goes on to say that, "even if the trial court could issue the injunction, the provision banning her from attending any Duval County Public School is overbroad and unconstitutional."

Paris Cannon vs. Aria Jewett

While the appeals court struck down the injunction, the ruling calls on the Florida legislature to "consider crafting an injunction that would apply specifically to school-related violence... and should be able to deploy disciplinary and corrective measures that best address each situation in the first instance."