Fun facts about Gate River Run

Number of bridges on the courseMain Street and Hart Bridge
Runner's nickname for Hart Bridge"Green Monster"
Time runners have to reach Hart Bridgebefore it opens to traffic2 hours
Distance up Hart Bridge and incline½ mile up, 6% incline
Largest 15K in the countryGate River Run
Name of runners who have run all 32 River Runs"Streakers"
Number who have run all 33 River Runs45
Number of American records3 - Todd Williams 1995, currently held on GRR course; Deena Drossin 2003, Colleen DeReuck 2005 (masters)
Number of past champions in the this year's field3 - Janet Cherobon, Ben True, Jen Rhines
What is Gate River Run "Battle of the Sexes"Women start 6 minutes before men, with both competing for equalizer bonus
Amount of equalizer bonus for first man or womanto cross finish line$5,000
Number of Olympians in field4
Only man to ever win the race six timesMeb Keflezighi; 2001, '02, '03, '04, '06, '07
Only woman to ever win the race six timesDeena (Drossin) Kastor; 2000, '01, '02, '03, '07, '08
First finisher's time in 201343:38 - Ben True
Last finisher's time in 20133:07
Average run time for 15K85 to 95 minutes (9-10 minute pace)
Number of police officers on the course150
Number of traffic cones on the course1,200
Number of bands on the course12
Number of Publix bagels for post-race party15,000
Number of volunteersMore than 1,000
Amount of water120,000 cups, 1 million ounces or 65,078 pounds; 700 gallons at each water station; 67 ozs. per 15K runner
Number of portalets400
Number of volunteers at each of nine water stations30 to 50
Number of finish line water bottles recycled26,000
Number of years Doug Alred has served as race director31
Todd Williams' average pace setting course record in 19954:53 per mile; 42:22 finishing time
Amount of prize money first year$0
Amount of prize money in 2013$85,000
Shoes collected at expo for charity since 2003More than 5,000 pairs
Weight of 15,000 finisher medals8,000 pounds
Number of benefiting charities14
Largest 2013 finisher age groupWomen ages 25 - 29
First year number of women 15K finisherssurpassed men2012