Child recovering from TV falling on head

Dinero Robert Carlos Rinder
Dinero Robert Carlos Rinder (Familly photo)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A child who suffered traumatic brain injury after a television fell on him is well underway to recovering.

Brave and determined is how Caressa Sanchez-Rinders described her 2-year-old son Dinero.

The young boy is in fair condition and has been recovering at Brooks Rehabilitation Center. Less than two weeks ago, he was fighting for his life after a TV and dresser fell on top of him at his home.

Sanchez-Rinders said the doctors now conduct daily therapeutic exercises with him. She said he can move his hands and fingers and is able to walk, although it's something Dinero is still perfecting.

Even though there is no immediate way of knowing how long her son will be in recovery, Sanchez-Rinders said she and her family are still very blessed.

"He's doing some talking," Sanchez-Rinders said. "He's already told me he wants to go home. He saw his siblings yesterday and asked, 'Could I go with them?' So, I think he really wants to get better and I think that our family has been here 24/7 and he sees his siblings, that makes him want to come home even more."

Dinero's family has set up an account online for anyone who wishes to help out with what they are calling "astronomical medical costs."

Click here to go to the account and type in Dinero Rinders.

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