Guys wear high heels to raise awareness for sexual assault victims

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Men were wearing high heels at the University of North Florida on Tuesday, and it's all for a good cause.

UNF's annual Walk a Mile event is where a group of men try on a different type of shoes to raise awareness for sexual assault victims during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

"In order to eradicate sexual violence and to bring attention, we have to involve men in the conversation," said Sheila Spivey of UNF's Women's Center.

"I think it's pretty creative," UNF student Fischer Anderson said. "I've had a couple brothers walk by taking pictures of us, and the crowd got built up pretty quick once we put on the shoes."

Tuesday marked the sixth annual event, which honors and remembers those who have lost their lives to violence or survived sexual violence.

One in four women are affected by sexual violence in their lifetime. Women between 18 to 24 years old are at the greatest risk.

"It takes men and women to step up and become a change agent," Spivey said.

The guys had fun while addressing the serious issue.

"It's a big issue we deal with on campus and all across the nation, but I'm just glad I can do something to help," Anderson said.

"Fairly difficult. I had one little mishap, some slippage with the back heel, but other than that it went fine," UNF student Eric Ulrich said.

The guys realized it's not so easy to walk a mile in a woman's shoes, but it got the conversation started.

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