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Jacksonville ice cream shop puts sagging pants policy in place

Sagging pants = No service at Florida ice cream stand

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A local ice cream stand has put a ban on baggy pants at their shop. Dreamette Ice Cream in Murray Hill won't serve customers if their pants are sagging.

The longtime-fixture ice cream stand in Murray Hill told Channel 4 that they've taken a twist on the common business practice of no shirt, no shoes, no service and added, "Sagging pants = no service."

"I guess we did it because we don't want customers coming up here with their butts showing," said Tierney Brown. "Kind of a family business and it's just disrespectful to other customers in general."

Brown said the sign went up in front of the shop in January and they've yet to have a complaint.

"Sometimes people will come up and start adjusting, which is a good thing," said Brown.

Channel 4 found one customer who was pulling his pants up before ordering.

"Did you notice the sign?" asked Channel 4's Scott Johnson.

"It said, 'No sag, no service,'" said Juan Mendoza.

"What did you think of that?" asked Johnson.

"Pulled them up," said Mendoza.

Dreamette has been in Murray Hill for decades but the new sagging pants policy just went into effect.

Brown said she wasn't sure exactly why, but that the owner was the one who put the policy in place.

Dreamette's owner didn't want to do an interview about his sagging pants policy Wednesday night.

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