One Spark's "looking lab" gives old storefronts facelift


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Empty storefronts downtown are getting a facelift thanks to the One Spark Festival.

"The Looking Lab" transforms empty retail facades with a series of innovative 'pop-up' art installations featuring regional artists.

It's all part of a live, 2-week performance.

Creators have furnished a downtown storefront window to look like an artist's work studio.

Over the course of a month - local artists will actually live and perform, then present a multimedia installation to help attract new tenants and buyers to the properties.

It's a partnership between Northeast Florida city and business leaders, regional artists and curators.

Creators say performances will also be streamed LIVE - just go to lookinglabjax.com

In just a few days, hundreds of creators and entrepreneurs from all over the world will light up downtown with projects in art, innovation, music and science.

Channel 4 is a proud sponsor of the 5-day One Spark festival.

To celebrate its return to Jacksonville... we're preparing a LIVE, 30-minute special broadcast for you on opening night.

Join Kent Justice and Kumasi Aaron LIVE from downtown, Wednesday, April 9th.

We'll have complete coverage throughout the day, then our special at 8 PM.
It's all happening right here on THE local station.