UNF: Suspicious activity has been resolved

Four students came forward and said nothing "sinister" had occurred


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – University of North Florida sent students a crime alert Thursday morning, warning them of a possible abduction on its campus, but UNF PD says situation has been resolved.

The 'eCommunications' crime alert message was sent via e-mail.

According to UNF, just before 11 p.m. Wednesday, three men were seen carrying what appeared to be a body to a dark colored SUV in Lot 12, near Villages Building E. Campus.

Four individuals met with the UPD Thursday morning to say they were the ones who put a person in the back of an SUV on campus Wednesday night and drove away.

Two students witnessed that act, became alarmed and notified authorities. It has now been determined that nothing criminal occurred, according to UPD.

According to a UNF spokesperson every college and university is required by federal law to notify the campus community of any report which could pose a threat to students and employees.

Since 2011, UNF has had five cases where the university had notified the campus community of a potential danger based upon information reported to the UPD, only to have those stories recanted by the person who originally reported it, according to UNF.

A release sent by UNF states: "When the individuals involved in the incident read the Crime Alert, they came forward to explain that nothing sinister had occurred. The process worked as it should. In many cases, we ask for help from students, faculty and staff who may have heard or seen something to assist the investigation. In this instance, the case was cleared up because of the Crime Alert."