Code Enforcement Cites Kids' Garden for Overgrown Head of Lettuce

A garden citied for overgrown lettuce...
A garden citied for overgrown lettuce...

What is turning out to be a series farcical events in Springfield continued last week as dozens of citations were written for violations like overgrown lettuce in a kids' garden. One resident was citied while she was rebuilding her home after a devastating fire. The city contractor hired to clear debris plowed over her fence.

Residents are decrying the citations as baseless and a result of Kim Scott "getting back" at residents for bringing to light some of the seemingly unethical actions she and her office have taken in the Springfield neighborhood, like using federal money allocated for historic preservation to do the exact opposite (demolish the historic structures). 

MetroJacksonville.com forum member "AVS" writes:

"Code [enforcement] is out en masse in Springfield this week. I counted 4 Code officers out today and documented at least 40 citations including the kids garden whose only over grown piece of vegetation is a head of lettuce that bolted because of the recent heat. This is a targeted effort on Code's part. The citations I photographed were all basically on 2-3 streets in Springfield and many of the citations are for barely overgrown grass. One lot that was well kept had a tire in the rear that it was cited for! Fines like this can add up just like demo fines.

I don't know how to post pictures or I would. I have over 40 pictures and pictures of the 4 officers with their car tags.

The Kids Garden is pure harassment."


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