One Spark: And the winners are....

Category and juried winners share $200,000 in crowdfunding funds

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The five-day One Spark festival wrapped up on Sunday, crowning its winners for the crowdfunding prizes. More than 120,000 votes were cast for a portion of the $200,000 crowdfund.

More than 600 creators participated and competed, and the total estimated attendance for the event was 260,000 people.

There was a lot of excitement in Hemming Plaza because there was a lot of money on the line. Five first-place winners were decided by the public's vote and five winners in the jurored portion.

Nearly $12,000 was awarded to Theatre on a Mission. Sidereal 2014 Takeover brought in $10,000. Farm to Truck won almost $2,500.

"I'm ecstatic right now. It's still all setting in," said Niko Costas, band member of Sidereal 2014 Takeover.

"We are so excited," sith Chelsey Cain, with Theatre on a Mission.

"We are super excited, super excited," said Ellen Hiser and Brett Swearingen, creators for Farm To Truck.

Excited was the word Sunday night for the winners who took home a chunk of money to fund their One Spark idea.

Farm to Truck is a creator with the North Florida School of Special Education, a small school in Arlington for students with intellectual disabilities.

"We're here today we are going to start a food truck that is going to allow our students going through the horticulture training and culinary arts training to get paid jobs out in the community on our truck and bring all of this awesome healthy food that we create and bring it out to everyone in Jacksonville," said Swearingen.

Sidereal 2014 Takeover is a Jacksonville-based band for the last four years. Coastas says they plan on using its money to help spread creativity in Central America.

"We're basically going to be bringing art, crafts supplies as long as -- music supplies, going into local villages for about three to five days in each of the villages and providing a creative outlet for all of those kids to carry with them for the rest of their lives, leaving supplies down there for them to go back and our hope is to kind of do that every year as a part of our tour with our new releases," said Costas.

Theatre on a Mission is a group of local students planning a trip to a Kenyan orphanage for a mission trip.

"We take a theater camp to an orphanage in Bondo, Kenya. We used theater as our vehicle to raise money. We went two years ago and got running water on site for the orphanage, now we're going back to get a school house built. We use the vehicle of theater because it breaks the cultural barriers -- helps raise confidence and self esteem within the students over there and they would never experience something like this otherwise," said Cain.

Here is a full list of the winners:


1stRenovation of Snyder Memorial Church2,281 votes$13,772
2ndFarm to Truck1,413 votes $2,237
3rdFur-ever Home Fund1,321 votes $2,184


1stAquaJax2,295 votes$13,794
2ndSt. Augustine Aquarium and Botanical Gardens 887 votes $1,467
3rdDown to Earth Farm 709 votes $1,172


2ndWazinit593   $980
3rdLiveSMART and Green Spark Mobile525   $868


1stTheater on a Mission1,167$11,930
2ndBoneshakered Bigwheel1,120 $1,852
3rd#Project Atrium1,068 $1,068


1stGrandpa's Cough Medicine792$11,309
2ndCyrious Exposure432   $714
3rdA New Sound for the First Coast387   $640

A panel of expert jurors also announced a winner in each category that were awarded $10,000. Those winners were also announced Sunday.