Elkton pup rescued from tree

Pomeranian was rescued after she wandered off, ended up in tree


ELKTON, Fla. – Clarabelle is back home after giving her owners quite a scare Monday night in Elkton. The Pomeranian pup wandered off and somehow ended up in a tree.

"About one o'clock, she heard daddy come home and started whimpering… We have five dogs and they were barking to let me know, but I thought it was the mailman," said Clarabelle's owner, Deborah Thomas.

Thomas said Clarabelle couldn't get down, so she had to call the Elkton Fire Department to rescue her.

Fire crews used a fire ladder and were able to get the pup out of the tree just after 10 p.m. on St. Ambrose Church Road.

"She's a swimmer, tree-climber now I guess…" said Thomas.

Although Clarabelle learned a new skill, Thomas says she doesn't think the dog will be climbing anymore trees.