Skyway ridership up 104% during One Spark


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Transportation Authority Skyway provided 90,177 trips during the One Spark 2014 festival, JTA announced Tuesday.

The number is nearly a 104 percent increase from the 2013 festival, when the 44,282 customers rode the Skyway.

In addition, the JTA supplemented the Skyway by adding an estimated 1,221 trips by bus shuttle to meet the transportation needs of One Spark event goers.

"Events like One Spark support transportation in our communities and enhance the vitality of Jacksonville," said JTA CEO Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. "This year's ridership numbers are impressive, as the Skyway more than doubled its ridership from the 2013 festival."

The JTA offered complimentary parking around the Skyway's Convention Center station and pay-for-parking at the JTA's Kings Avenue parking garage. The JTA also extended the hours of the Skyway.