Teen talks about losing foot on train

Jayzon Ahrens' foot severed when he jumped on train  

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A teenager who jumped on the back of a train in Jacksonville last week and severed his foot is now talking about what happened to him.

Jayzon Ahrens told Channel 4 that it wasn't the first time he had jumped on the back of a train, but this time something went horribly wrong.

"All I know is I was asking the officer, so I could hurry up and get in the ambulance, so they could knock me out. It was terrible, I just wanted to be knocked out," said Ahrens.

Ahrens said he's been jumping on the back of trains for the last two years. He said he likes the idea of the thrill.

"It makes you feel like Superman, nobody can stop you," said Ahrens. 

Last Sunday, Ahrens was jumping on a train to make it back to Panama Youth Services and this time, he said, he just slipped.

"If I could go back and change it, I would. But at the same time I wouldn't because I wouldn't be the same person that experienced this," said Ahrens. 

Ahrens is still in the hospital recovering from the accident.  He's using a prosthetic foot and told Channel 4 that he is getting used to walking again.

After Ahrens is released from the hospital, he will go to Brooks Rehab Center for help with his using new prosthetic.