20 Affordable fixes for downtown!


In May 2011, we asked MetroJacksonville.com readers for cost-effective ideas that city leaders could get behind that could spur downtown revitalization.

In light of the One Spark's recent success it may be time to brush off some of the dust on these ideas. 

1. Remove all parking meters immediately and replace with an enforced but free two-hour limit on parking from 9am to 5pm weekdays only.  

2. Make all streets two-way where feasible.

3. Re-time traffic lights.

4. Plan multiple festivals, events, parades and street parties. Close down certain streets for this. COJ pays for and executes these events. But they cannot spend more than $10,000 per event. There should be 10-20 events at minimum per year, spread throughout the Landing, Adams, and the Forsyth & Bay Street entertainment district. Oh, but first of all, COJ must acknowledge that we actually have an entertainment district. Budget for this will come from scaling back current major events.

5. JSO must go back to having visible officers patrolling nightlife areas on foot. That's right: no cars, bikes or horses - Just like their grandfathers did. This will help Downtown in numerous ways.

More Affordable Fixes for Downtown