Beach Diner in San Marco explains several high-priority violations

General manager says restaurant has fixed all problems

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Beach Diner recently opened in San Marco and they come with a reputation for home cooked, fresh, creative food.

"It's a learning experience and when you start a new restaurant you have to make sure you dot all the Is and cross all the Ts and you have to do that every single day. You can't drop the ball," said General Manager Cason Adeeb.

Last week, a state inspector found some temperature violations along with three other high-priority violations at the new restaurant.

Adeeb has been in the family business since he was young.  As manager of their new location in San Marco, Adeeb said he's accountable for the recent violations. 

One had to do with the temperature of pancake batter. It was tested at 61 degrees when it was supposed to be 41 or below.

"We had some pancake batter that we had just mixed. Normally if you're not busy you would put it in the cooler and take it down to proper temperature  but we mixed it immediately and threw it on the grill," said Adeeb.

Adeeb said customers were never at risk, but admits it was still a health violation.

"It wasn't proper procedure and we're going to make sure in the future that we have enough pancake batter prepped," said Adeeb.

The other high-priority violation had to do with a cook who was cutting potatoes and didn't change his gloves properly. During this process you're supposed to wash your hands before putting on another pair of gloves. 

I asked if it was a training issue or a mistake?

"No, it's just a mistake that happened," said Adeeb.

Adeep says the day the inspector came they were putting in a $20,000 cooler. He said he was outside transferring food from the old cooler to  the new one and that's why some of the mistakes were made.

"On that part I dropped the ball and I should have nominated someone to be manager on call while I was taking care of this duty outside and that was my fault," said Adeeb.

He also said he immediately addressed the problems.

"We had a staff mtg on Sunday and we went down every single bullet point on the inspection we knocked out each and every one."

Adeeb says he's committed to this community and committed to making the food delicious and safe for everyone who comes in.

"They mean so much to us they're family when they walk through our door.  We take care of them just like we would our child, mother, our grandmother and we put out quality food all the time," said Adeeb.  

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