Central Fla. day care crash survivor released from hospital

Kaleb Infante, 4, sustained severe burns, broke femur, pelvis


WINTER PARK, Fla. – A 4-year-old boy who was in serious condition after a fatal day care crash in Winter Park was released from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

Parents of some of the children injured in the crash at a Winter Park day care said this past week has felt like a nightmare. Some are staying at housing near Arnold Palmer -- similar to the Ronald McDonald house -- and have been at the hospital around the clock.

WKMG-TV reports 4-year-old Kaleb Infante was released Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. from Arnold Palmer Hospital with a dozen balloons tied to his wheelchair and a wagon full of stuffed animals, drawings and things his friends and family brought to the hospital.

His mom, Megan Bish, said that while Kaleb hasn't come close to recovering, he's been singing from his hospital bed.

"He's acting more like himself every day," Bish said. "He wants to get out, like he doesn't want to be in the bed. He's asking to get in his walker and get in the wheel chair and go around."

Bish said her son loves riding tractors and playing in the mud, but she said it will be a long time before life will be normal like that again for him.

Kaleb's teacher pulled him from underneath the car that crashed through his classroom last Wednesday morning.

"His femur is broken, he has a fracture in his pelvis, he has third-degree burns on his leg, and second and third-degree burns over the rest of his body," Bish said.

Kaleb's road to recovery is just beginning. He'll have to return for skin grafts within the next week and another surgery on his leg will happen down the road.

"Hopefully he doesn't have any permanent issue with his leg. That's going to be the biggest thing," Bish said. "They're worried it sealed off his growth plate and he's going to have no more growth in that leg, and if that happens then its going to be major."

With the hospital bills already mounting up and the recovery it will cost for Kaleb in the future, Bish said she is going to need help.

"They told us a little bit about how much it would be and I know he's going to have to have specialist visits for about 18 months and the wheel chair and the walker," Bish said.

A Gofundme account has been set to help the family pay for those medical expenses. Click here to make a donation.

"I'm angry that somebody would leave the scene but I don't really have time to think about that. That's not important. I can deal with that later. I'm more worried about getting him OK," Bish said.

Kaleb is one of 11 children who were injured at taken to Arnold Palmer last week. Dane Kelley was discharged on Saturday after spending four days and three nights there.

Dane's mom, Amber Zallenick, says her son remembers "the cool fireman" who took him to the hospital. Also at home recovering is Jade Lawrence. Jade's mom, Nicki Lawrence, made her a GoFundMe page where people can make donations. She says Jade was pinned under the car that crashed into her classroom and has a broken femur.

Three-year-old June DeCaldzada is still in the Intensive Care Unit. Her mother told WKMG-TV she is making progress but doctors say she will be in the hospital for at least another month.