SMQTD: Is makeup going away?

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you go into most women's bathrooms, chances are you'll find some type of beauty product, including makeup. But a new study shows more and more women are cutting back.

For women under 25 years of age:

  • 67% use fewer than three products in their hair and beauty routines.
  • 20% use four to seven products.
  • and 3% use more than 12 products.

For women over 25 years of age:

  • 72% limit their makeup to zero to three products.

So, is makeup going away?

Lately on Twitter, celebrities are posting no-makeup-selfies.

We've seen stories recently in the headlines about brides opting not to wear a full face of makeup on their wedding day.

Some women say they are stopping to wear makeup for one simple reason: being lazy.

That brings us to our social media question of the day.

What do you think about the study that shows more and more women are using less and less beauty products?

How many products do you use?

What do you think is too much or too little?

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