Debate continues over 'Charlotte's Web' strain of medical marijuana

Mother says son needs non-euphoric strain of marijuana

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As the medical marijuana debate continues in the Florida Legislature, some lawmakers and even parents are hoping for the best.

The bill centers around legalizing what's known as Charlotte's Web. It's a non-euphoric strain of marijuana, which some say dramatically improves quality of life for those suffering from seizures.

Channel 4 spoke Monday night with a mother who said her son needs Charlotte's Web.

"He stops breathing. He shakes violently. Foam comes out of his mouth and it takes him a good two to three hours to recover from them," said Jami Talbot.

Tyler Talbot is like any normal 5-year-old boy. He likes going out to play and hanging out in his mother's van. But at any given moment, he could break into one of his many seizures.

Over the last year, Tyler's health has worsened. He's been hospitalized several times and has even had part of his bowel removed. As the medical marijuana debate continues in the Florida legislature, his mother believes the answer to their prayers is Charlotte's Web.

"I can't have him going into another coma. I can't have him having another part of his bowel removed. I can't tolerate it," said Jami.

Florida's top doctor isn't entirely on board. His concern is keeping the form of medical marijuana pure. He's also concerned about safety.

"We must be wary of unintended consequences and remember first we must do no harm," said Florida Surgeon General Dr. John Armstrong.

Some have worried that passing measures like this could turn Florida into a "stoner state." Channel 4 spoke with State Sen. Aaron Bean.

"That's a legitimate argument in any new venture that the state or any new idea," said Bean. "That's what we do, we'll monitor it. If there's a backlash, we can fix it. We'll fix it going forward."

In the meantime, Jami hopes and prays.

"I just want my son back. This isn't normal for him," said Jami.

Jami has not gone to Tallahassee yet, but said if the need comes she absolutely will.

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