Police investigating after boy reports being assaulted on bus

Incident happened off Baldwin Middle-Senior High School property

BALDWIN, Fla. – A middle school boy says he was attacked on a bus leaving Baldwin Middle-Senior High School, and now his mother wants answers.

The sixth-grader told his mother and police that three high school boys pinned him down as one boy stuck his hand in his own pants. The sixth grader said the boy then forced his hand into his own mouth.

The mother said it was not only disgusting, but traumatizing and humiliating.

"I didn't get any sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, all I could see was what my son went through," said the boy's mother, whose identity has been kept private.

According to the mother, the boys accused of doing this are bigger and possibly older than her son.

"The boy that is accused of doing this is, he looks to be about 200 pounds, where my son is maybe 90 (pounds)," said the mother.

It happened off school property, so the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is investigating. The police report shows the three boys reportedly involved have been identified but not arrested.

"Because it wasn't on school property, it was a JSO problem," said the mother. "JSO tells me there's really nothing that they can do until they see the tapes."

She's worried that it's taking too long for JSO to work with school district resource officers and the bus company.

Detectives believe there may be surveillance video, but they do not have it yet.

"This can happen again several times," the mother said.

Now she wants answers as she worries about her own son and other children who may be in the same situation.

"I'm very fortunate that my son has enough trust in me to come and talk to me, and he talked about such a touchy subject," the mother said. "Several other kids may not."

The school is investigating the incident, according to Duval County Public Schools spokeswoman Tia Ford. Officials have requested the video from the school bus, which the bus company said will be available Thursday.

Baldwin Middle-Senior High School administrators said disciplinary actions have taken place based on the school's code of conduct, but no details were given because of privacy laws.

A spokeswoman with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office also responded.

"We work with the Duval County School Board Police Department often and we work closely with them.  As with all interdepartmental investigations, we are all doing what we are expected to do," said Officer Melissa Bujeda.

"The criminal JSO investigation of the battery is complete and suspended," Bujeda said. "The complainant was issued a Juvenile State Attorney's card and advised of the filing process. The next step is for her (the boy's mother) to follow the steps on that card if she wishes to pursue charges."