Overflowing dumpster at Westside apartment complex emptied


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The overflowing dumpster at a Westside apartment complex has been emptied.

Residents at Lenox Court Apartments said maintenance men picked up all the trash off the ground Tuesday after the dumpster was dumped the first time, and the dumpster was filled to capacity again.

The dumpster was emptied again Wednesday morning.

The trash hadn't been picked up in a couple of weeks and was attracting flies and wild animals, and creating a foul smell and dangerous conditions for kids playing near it.


The complex was two months overdue on its garbage service payments, and Advanced Disposal hadn't serviced the complex because it owed them $6,000. The trash company said the complex had promised to pay several times over the phone and hadn't.

Advanced Disposal agreed Tuesday to empty the dumpster on good faith that the complex would overnight a check for just February like it promised to.

Lenox Court management would not speak about the incident and said to contact its corporate office, which did not returned several calls for comment.