Florida Senate OKs 75 mph speed limit

Floirda may soon be 17th state to raise speed limit on interstate highways


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida may soon be the 17th state to raise the speed limit on interstate highways. Under legislation nearing a final vote, speeds of 75 mph would be allowed, but only after a study by the Department of Transportation.

"This bill allows the Department of Transportation to look at minimum speeds and maximum speeds, and adjust them to where they feel that's appropriate based on safety," said Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg.

During questioning on the Senate floor Sen. Maria Sachs brought up texting. She wants police to be able to stop someone and ticket them without some other violation first.

"I have yet to have anybody call me and say, 'You know what, my 17-year-old child needs to go faster because that will make them safer.' Never heard that yet," said Sachs, D-Broward County. "But I have heard legislators you go on up there and make sure that these kids stop texting and driving."

Sponsors argue people are people are already exceeding the posted 70 mph limit, but AAA Motor Clubs hates the idea. It said there are problems in most states with higher limits.

"Every one of those states except two, the fatality rates are higher than the states that have speeds of 70 miles an hour," said Lee Moffitt, of AAA Motor Clubs.

If the change actually happens, one idea the DOT is talking about is replacing the zero with a five, rather than replacing the whole sign.

If the legislation clears the final hurtle, it would take effect July First. That means higher speeds could be coming to a road near you sometime this fall.