Woman sues after alleged pet duck attack

Lawsuit claims owner knew the duck was dangerous

(Wikimedia Commons/Johnny Jet)

A woman is suing her mother's neighbor after she claims she was attacked by her pet duck.

Reuters reports that 62-year-old Cynthia Ruddell was visiting her mother at her home in Estacada, Ore. when a neighbor's duck attacked her. According to the lawsuit filed in Oregon state court, in her attempt to run away from the aggressive duck, Ruddell fell and broke her right wrist and spraining an elbow and shoulder.

The lawsuit states that the duck's owner failed to maintain control of her pet or "to warn or otherwise inform neighbors of her duck's dangerous propensity in attacking individuals."

Ruddell is seeking up to $275,000 in damages, including roughly $25,000 for medical expenses, with the remainder being for pain, suffering and the toll her injuries have taken on her daily life.