Man asks reporter out during report on wildfires

'Wow, you're super pretty...'


A shirtless man holding a dog asked a KTLA TV reporter out on a date while she was interviewing him about the massive wildfires going on all around them.

KTLA's Courtney Friel was in the middle of a report on the wildfires that have been ravaging Rancho Cucamonga, a city 39 miles east of L.A.

"Do you live around here?" Friel asked the approaching man as the smoky, high-speed winds blew all around them.

"Wow, you're super pretty. Wanna go on a date sometime?" was the man's surprising response.

Friel told the man he was live on the air and continued to stay focused by asking him what he thought of the fire.

"It's pretty cool," said the man.

Man asks reporter out during live interview