Red Cross grateful for donations

Channel 4 viewers help raise $6,000 for storm victims


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Channel 4 viewers have come through in a big way again, raising much-needed money for storm victims.

Wednesday evening from 5-7 p.m., Channel 4 held a phone bank with the American Red Cross, accepting donations to benefit those impacted by the latest strand of severe weather.

Overall, viewers helped raise $6,000.

The Red Cross is extremely grateful for the generosity.

"Today is all about making sure that we have the resources wherever the disaster may happen right now, because whether it's in Arkansas, or Alabama, or Mississippi or right here in the state of Florida, the generosity of the Channel 4 viewers -- they're phenomenal," said Christian Smith with the American Red Cross.

Anyone who couldn't donate during the phone drive Wednesday evening can still do so online. Just go to redcross.org.

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