How to transport a gun

Gun enthusiast, Baker County sheriff offer advice to keep it legal

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Local sheriffs say one of the most asked questions from gun owners is how to legally carry a gun without a permit.

Baker County Sheriff Joey Dobson understands that people want to be sure they're doing it legally.

"They want to know how they are protected from a violation of the law when they carry a gun in the vehicle," Dobson says. "It has to be in an enclosed case."

And not under the seat.

Bill Craig, gun enthusiast and president of Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club, showed us the different and legal ways you can carry a gun.  In a car, Craig says you can drive with a gun without having a concealed weapons permit as long as you have in a place you can't get to right away.

Craig says those without permits might do well to have a special case that has its own lock, and he suggest keeping it in the trunk or somewhere out of reach.

The rules are completely different if you do have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Craig says you can put the firearm in a compartment close to you, and you could stick it underneath your seat.

The permit says the gun has to be concealed and Craig says you could carry it in a holster or underneath a shirt.

Craig stressed again that, "It has to be concealed in the state of Florida. you are not allowed to carry it out in the open."

Craig says there is an important distinction with concealed weapons.

"It's a permit to carry; it's not a license to use -- and that is a big difference," Craig said. "On the application for a concealed weapons permit it plainly says, 'This is a permit for you to carry. For you to use it requires certain circumstance for example and immediate danger to your life.'"

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