FSCJ's president seeks community input

Holding 'Strategic Planning Day' Thursday


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Florida State College at Jacksonville's President, Dr. Cynthia Bioteau, is holding a 'Strategic Planning Day' Thursday to get input on the college's direction from community and business leaders, students, and staff.

The event will be split into a morning session and an afternoon session. The morning session will include input from community and business leaders from Duval and Nassau Counties.

"We need to hear from our employers of the greater community," Bioteau said. "We need to hear from our community leaders. We need to be constantly changing our curriculum so that, when the students leave, they leave with the credentials and the skills that are exactly what our employers in the area need."

The afternoon session will be for FSCJ students, leadership, and employees to react to the community's perspective.

"Our students are so proud to be part of FSCJ. And what they need is access," Bioteau said. "They need access through flexibility of being able to go to any campus, at any time. They need access of finance. They need access to jobs."

In addition to hearing from the local and school community, Dr. Bioteau will be working to determine specific goals and steps for one-year and three-year benchmarks of success.

"As we sit here today, we don't know what the needs of five years from now will be. And so that's where the ability to be flexible and change constantly is such a core value of FSCJ," said Bioteau. "Because we are training tomorrow's workforce without knowing what the specific skill sets will need in five years.

This week, the school announced three new bachelor degree offerings starting in the Fall, the B.A.S. in Logistics, B.S. in Financial Services, and the B.S. in Human Services.