Meeting discusses gangs in Jacksonville

Parents, teachers, police gather to discuss gang activity


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Parents, teachers and members of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office joined Wednesday night to discuss gang activity in the Jacksonville community. The meeting was organized by a school board member and the Jacksonville sheriff's office, geared toward educating parents about gangs and gang activity in Jacksonville.

"Some of the things as a parent I need to look out for and be aware, not only as a parent but for the community," said Jacksonville mother, Bernadette Stone.

 Stone along with a  small audience of parents sat and listened to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Gang Unit about gangs in Jacksonville.  The officer with JSO's Gang unit showed parents different tattoos that represent gang affiliation. The Gang Unit also talked about clothing and body language gang members have.

"It's alarming let's put it that way," said Stone.

School Board member Dr. Constance Hall organized Wednesday night's event. She said this was the first of many community safety meetings that will occur regularly for the school district.

"When we have those negative factors that sometimes infiltrate our schools, we need to equip our community knowledge so that they can support us in a collaborative manner," said Dr. Constance Hall.