Homeless man returns cash found on street...again

Same man found money on same street last July


Police say a homeless man who recently found a wad of money on the street and turned it over to police did the exact same thing last year.

According to the Times Herald-Record, 67-year-old Hassell "Junior" Barber of Kingston, New York approached an officer and said he wanted to turn in a wad of cash he had found on the ground.

Last July, Barber was walking down the exact same street when he found a wallet containing $485. He turned it over to the police. The wallet and cash were returned to the owner in that case, but attempts to locate the owner of the wad of cash recently found have been unsuccessful.

Barber's story appeared on the police department's Facebook page, which has lead to leading to calls from people offering help. So far, he has declined the offers.