JSO auctions off cars, items seized from criminals

Money to benefit Sheriff's Office

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Going, going, gone.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office on Thursday auctioned off cars and other items seized and forfeited by criminals.

The money earned goes to benefit the Sheriff's Office.

It didn't matter if people attending the auction were in the market for something luxurious, something the kids would enjoy or something to wear. Chances are they saw something they liked.

"You really see a lot of variance in the vehicles that you don't see on a lot or in the paper," said Conrad Swindell, a returning guest.

Those brave enough to shell out some cash probably got a pretty good deal.

Hundreds attended the public auction in Metropolitan Park.

Police said most of the cars on the auction block were used for transporting narcotics. The money earned Thursday will go to different causes, including the law enforcement trust fund, plus JSO's separate vehicle fund, which goes to the upkeep of its cars.

It's Adam Alaydi's second time bidding and winning. Last year, he won his own truck, which he now uses to advertise his business. This year, he went all out for a friend.

"Yeah, I got a truck. Actually, I got this one here for one of my employees," Alaydi said. "It was cheap, but hey, you help each other out. He don't have a car. I tell him, 'If I get lucky today, I'll get you one.'"

Even though most people walked away empty-handed, for them it's still a good time and for a good cause.

"I would love to tell everybody don't hesitate," Alaydi said. "Even with so many people, you think you're not going to make it, but you know what, everything's fantastic here."

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