McDonald's 'Happy' new mascot terrifies some

Meant to promote healthier Happy Meals, some say it could be a


He may be known as "Happy," but McDonald's new mascot is stirring quite the opposite feeling among some customers.

The big-toothed, bug-eyed creature with Gumby-like arms is intended to promote healthier Happy Meals for kids.

But since his debut on Twitter Monday, Happy has elicited responses such as "I think I'm going to have nightmares," "What the f--- is that creature?" and "THAT! is scary!"

A video featuring Happy was posted to the McDonald's Facebook page, drawing additional criticism.

McDonald's is hoping its newest mascot will get a better reception from children.

Happy "is about bringing more fun and excitement to kids' meals, including eating wholesome food choices like low-fat yogurt," the Oak Brook, Illinois-based chain said in a statement.

Watch the video promoting Happy by clicking here.