Scott calls on Veterans Affairs secretary to resign

Rick Scott: 'We need new leadership'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Veterans Affairs hospital scandal continues to widen, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott makes no bones about it, "Eric Shinseki should resign."

It's the first time the governor has publicly said that the buck stops with the head of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

There are reports of deadly wait lists and other improprieties.

"Now we know there are secret wait lists at our Gainesville facility. Our VA facilities need transparency and accountability. It starts at the top," the governor told Channel 4's Bruce Hamilton.

He also called it a worrisome notion that they will audit themselves.

"Wouldn't you want a state agency that does this for a living, someone completely independent, to do it? No, they're using their own employees to do it. What's the wait? The president has known about this for awhile. He talks about outrage. We need action," Scott said.

Federal Veterans Affairs hospitals are shutting out state inspectors and prevented them from auditing six different hospitals on six separate occasions.

"We've actually been turned away a second time at one of the state's facilities," Scott said.

An audit team sent to the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville found a list of patients needing follow-up appointments on paper and not in the hospital's electronic computer system.

Three members of the supervisory staff are on paid leave, pending the outcome of an investigation.

Nationwide, 40 deaths are being attributed to wait.

Scott said this is a personal issue for him. He served in the U.S. Navy and his father and friends are veterans.

"They served their time. They should get great care," Scott said.

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