Bank of America donates $523K to Wounded Warrior Project


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As the Memorial Day weekend begins, a Jacksonville-based organization that helps veterans around the country is getting a financial boost.

On Friday, Bank of America presented a check to the Wounded Warrior Project for $523,000 as part of the bank's "Express Your Thanks" campaign.

Bank of America says honoring veterans is one of its core values, and it applauds the efforts of the Wounded Warrior Project.

One wounded warrior hopes this grant will let the organization help more veterans in the way it helped him.

"I always thought I was doing it alone, fighting those demons, and WWP telling me that you're not alone and you're not fighting those demons, you're searching for a new normal," Erick Millette said. "And once I started to realize that I wasn't alone and there were other warriors going through the same things and I was able to connect with them in peer-to-peer counseling, that's when I turned my life around."

On the Bank of America website, there's a place where you can leave your message of appreciation to current and former members of the military.

For every message posted at BankOfAmerica.com/troopthanks, the bank will donate $1 up to $1 million.

The donations will be split between the Wounded Warrior Project and another group called Welcome Back Veterans.